Leave No Trace Training Opportunities in Australia

Leave No Trace Australia is dedicated to promoting responsible outdoor recreation through education, research and partnerships. One of the key ways we achieve this is through offering a range of training opportunities for individuals and organizations interested in learning more about Leave No Trace practices and principles. In this article, we will provide an overview of the different training options available through Leave No Trace Australia.

Master Educator Course:

The Master Educator Course is a train-the-trainer style course aimed at educators, Aboriginal land and sea managers, parks and agency staff, guides, tourism operators, teachers, and outdoor recreation group leaders. During the course, participants will learn and practice minimal impact skills and ethics in a variety of settings. Customized to suit local ecological zones, the course requires a minimum of four eight-hour days and at least three nights camping in the field. Upon successful completion, participants will receive a Master Educator certificate, demonstrating their skills to train Leave No Trace Trainers, conduct outreach programs, or otherwise carry forward the Leave No Trace message in a productive way.


Leave No Trace Australia offers a variety of online learning opportunities through our eLearning platform. This flexible and convenient option allows individuals to access Leave No Trace education from anywhere with an internet connection. Courses available through eLearning include Awareness Workshops, Trainer Courses, and Professional Learning for Teachers. Whether you’re looking to deepen your understanding of Leave No Trace principles or gain the skills to teach others, eLearning provides an accessible and cost-effective way to achieve your goals.

Trainer Course:

The Trainer Course is a key component of the Australia-wide Leave No Trace program. Aimed at land managers, outdoor educators, group leaders, tour guides, outdoor retailer, and outdoor program staff, the course covers the seven principles of Leave No Trace and provides techniques for disseminating low-impact skills. The course takes place over two days and is a shortened version of the Master Educator Course. Participants will learn about the principles of Leave No Trace and develop techniques for disseminating low-impact skills to the public.

Professional Learning for Teachers:

Leave No Trace Australia’s Professional Learning for Teachers program provides K-12 teachers with the knowledge and skills necessary to integrate Leave No Trace principles into their outdoor education programs. The program includes online courses, in-person workshops, and a resource library, all designed to support teachers in bringing Leave No Trace education into their classrooms and outdoor activities.

Awareness Workshop:

Leave No Trace Awareness Workshops are designed to provide a basic understanding of Leave No Trace principles and how they can be applied to everyday outdoor activities. Participants will learn about the seven Leave No Trace principles and how they can help minimize the impact of their outdoor activities. Workshops are available in person or through eLearning and are a great starting point for individuals or organizations looking to incorporate Leave No Trace into their practices.



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