Australia and Singapore agree to invest in green technologies

Australia and Singapore agree to invest in green technologies

Australia and Singapore have signed an agreement in the field of “green economy”. The countries plan to strengthen cooperation in the field of climate investments.

According to Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, the agreement will help both countries move towards zero emissions, create jobs and growth opportunities in the green sectors of the economy. The agreement is expected to give impetus to the development and commercialization of green technologies.

In turn, Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese cited an example of successful cooperation in the field of clean energy. He recalled the Sun Cable project, which involves the export of solar energy from Australia to Singapore via Indonesia. Investments for these purposes amounted to $ 18.8 billion. Such projects, according to the Australian Prime Minister, “are a win-win option,” reports Reuters.

Lee Hsien Loong told a press conference in Canberra, Australia that Singaporean and Australian experts will soon develop a list of environmental goods and services that will be subject to the most favorable trade regime.

The head of the government of Singapore also said that the Singaporean military is ready to help in the aftermath of natural disasters in the flood-affected south-east of Australia. The continent has recently been increasingly confronted with the effects of climate change, and this is expressed in prolonged droughts, as well as hurricanes and forest fires.

In this regard, the Australian authorities have paid close attention to “green” projects that will help preserve the country’s unique nature and obtain economic benefits. Recently it became known that scientists from the University of New South Wales Australia have developed an inexpensive way to recycle old solar panels. It allows you to extract copper, silver and other valuable materials from them.

Now in Australia there are practically no enterprises for the recycling of solar panels after the expiration of their service life. Meanwhile, the growing use of solar energy in the country and large-scale solar farm projects are increasing the need for equipment recycling.