Australia: Severe floods threaten country's largest vineyards

Australia: Severe floods threaten country’s largest vineyards

The governor of South Australia has declared a “serious emergency” due to flooding that could inundate the region’s largest vineyards, according to the Australian news agency AAP.

Last week, large-scale flooding occurred in Australia in New South Wales and along the rivers of Victoria.

On Monday, South Australian Governor Peter Malinauskas officially declared the floods a “serious emergency” as flood waters in rivers reached dangerous levels.

It is not yet possible to estimate the final damage from the disaster, but a number of vineyards, such as All Saints Estate and Pfeiffer Wines, have already been flooded with water from watersheds.

“We have not had access to our vineyards for two weeks now. I am preparing for a scenario in which we will not harvest a single crop from the vineyards this season,” winemaker Jen Pfeiffer told AAP.

Australian authorities warn that it could be months before the floods stop.