This is the world’s first fully compostable, disposable face mask.

While standard face masks take up to 450 years to decompose, Masuku Daily masks compost in about four weeks in water, soil or a plant pot.

Pentatonic , an eco-friendly design and technology company, teamed up with fashion industry expert Natalia Vodanova to develop the “world’s first highly effective, fully compostable” face mask: Masuku Daily. Facial masks have quickly become one of the key design issues of our time; Pentatonic claims that worldwide we dispose of three million facial masks every minute. While each face mask decays for up to 450 years, the Masuku Daily mask uses 100 percent bio-based materials. It is currently the only face mask that leaves no residue when clogged.

While other masks on the market deteriorate, many leave behind microplastics, Masuku explains in its release. Meanwhile, Masuku Daily masks are made from degradable cellulose materials that can be metabolized and digested back into the ground.

The technically savvy masks use nanofiber filter material, created by twisting bio-based polymers into nanofibers using high electrical voltage, which for the rest of us works similarly to catching spider webs. particles. The orange ear loops are made of 100 percent natural rubber and woven from biodegradable yarn, and the noseband is made of paper-coated iron wire.

“Not a single component is made from materials used in other masks,” states Johann Baedeker, CEO of Pentatonic. “Each component has been recycled and selected for specific performance criteria, and can be broken down naturally, such as metabolized by bacteria. The consumer no longer has to choose between protecting themselves or protecting the planet.”

The technology behind Masuku Daily not only makes it a completely environmentally friendly product, it also makes it more convenient. According to Masuku, the non-woven compostable material creates a “ventilated layer of air” and “a silky feel on the face.”

After three years of development, the masks are now in production at Masuku AirLab’s factory in Rotherham, England. They are available for purchase on the Masuku Web site .