How to plan an outdoor date

Planning an outdoor date with someone special? These tips will help you leave no trace and impress your partner with your responsible outdoor skills.

Plan ahead and prepare

Everyone loves a surprise, but no one likes to be cold, hungry or uncomfortable. Let your partner know about the weather and activities you’re planning so you know how to dress and what gear to bring, but keep the place a surprise. Be sure to choose an activity and level of difficulty that suits you both and fits your needs. Bring snacks, or even better, picnic food, as well as water, sunscreen and other essentials.

Pack it

Whether you’re sharing a drink at the lookout or picnicking in a city park, prepare a plan to pack all your trash. Rubbish can attract and harm wildlife, take a long time to decompose and irritate other visitors. Also, being a litter picker is a sure way to avoid getting a second date.

Stick to the path

Looking for a more private moment in a busy outdoor area? Stick to the trails and paths, but walk a little further or find a spot in front of the main viewpoint. This will give you space away from the crowds, but will avoid creating a new trail or damaging existing vegetation. Remember, rocks are a rugged surface and a great place to rest.

Be mindful of your date

Your partner’s ideas about spending time in nature may differ from yours. Each person’s connection to nature is individual and unique, so be respectful and communicative. Spending time together in nature can be incredibly rewarding. Have fun and leave no trace.